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About US

We are a quality independent family run day nursery and pre-school. We are located in a beautiful spacious building with large open rooms and access to a large safe garden where children can enjoy outdoor play throughout the year.

All staff employed by Nursery Rhymes are vetted for their suitability to work with children. An enhanced Disclosure and Barring check (DBS) is undertaken on behalf of any new member of staff joining the organisation.

OFSTED stipulates that a nursery should have one member of staff on the premises at all times, with a current first aid certificate. We believe that in the event of a serious accident this is not adequate and to avoid any confusion and delay in attending any such incident. We insist that all our staff hold a current first aid certificate, which is renewed every three years.

An essential part of our role is to provide an environment that promotes health, safety and protection. We have several policies and procedures that govern the way we operate the nursery and these underpin everything we do. The nursery regularly reviews and updates such documentation in line with changes in legislation and practice. All staff follow and implement the setting’s policies, procedures and risk assessments on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the children at all times.

Copies of all our policies and procedures are available for parents to view at any time and can be found in the parent information area of the nursery. Please see a member of staff if you would like to refer to a particular document.

Facilities and Activities

Our aim at Nursery Rhymes is to assist all children who attend the setting to achieve their maximum potential. An individual record of each child’s development is maintained, showing their abilities, progress and areas needing further staff or parental assistance. All staff at Nursery Rhymes acknowledges that children learn in different ways and at different rates and therefore plan for this accordingly by creating positive play environments for the children.

We promote the relevant frameworks and curriculum, namely the Early Years Foundation Stage, which supports and enhances children’s learning and development holistically through play based activities. We view all aspects of learning and development as equally important ensuring a flexible approach is maintained which responds to children’s learning and developmental needs.

We aim to provide activities according to each child’s individual needs, based upon key person observations which help to inform future planning and as well as drawing on children’s needs and interests. This is promoted through a balance of adult led and child-initiated opportunities both indoors and outdoors.

The nursery’s layout has been designed around the children’s needs. Each playroom is creatively decorated and makes use of various wall and ceiling displays to stimulate the children’s senses and imagination, with plenty of provision for fun play based activities which are so important for each child’s development.

  • 1. “Baby Stars’’ for children aged 3 months – 2 year olds.
  • 2. “Shining Stars’’ for children 2 years to 3 years of age.
  • 3. “Shooting Stars’’ is our pre-school room from 3 years of age.

Each room has its own individual handbook that details the care routines, activities and record keeping that takes place specific to each age group within the nursery. You will receive a new handbook and transition information each time your child progresses into a new room.

At Nursery Rhymes we have a self-contained, safe outside play area with a range of resources and experiences to stimulate and encourage a child’s development. Activities such as den building, exploring the environment and nature and large scale sand and water play are regular features of the outdoor provision throughout the year.

We have a biometric entry system which gives a high level of security and allows parents safe open access to the nursery at all times

EYFS Parents' Guide

Download our Parents Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which is a useful guide to use during your child's early years