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Parents as Partners

We believe that children benefit the most when parents and staff work together in partnership to provide care and learning for the children in our nursery.
The setting actively welcomes parents as partners in a variety of ways within the nursery which helps to develop a positive relationship for all involved through a two way sharing of information.

We aim to achieve this by:

• Maintaining regular contact with parents to help build a secure and beneficial working relationship for their children.

• Operating a key person system involving parents in discussions and information sharing regarding nursery and home circumstances, and their child’s individual needs.

• Informing parents about nursery activities and events through newsletters and communication books

• Informing parents on a regular basis about their children’s progress and involve them in the shared record keeping about their children.

• Creating opportunities for parents to talk to other parents and staff through events such as open days.

• Providing opportunities for parents to learn about the Early Years Foundation Stage and about young children’s learning in the nursery and at home.

• Finding out the needs and expectations of parents through feedback questionnaires.

• We welcome parent feedback at all times, please leave a message in the comments book, speak to a member of staff or speak to the nursery manager

• We recognize you are entrusting the care of your child to us and want you to feel included and consulted throughout your child’s stay at nursery.

Parent Testimonials

“I couldn’t wish for a better environment to send my little girl, I felt so confident with the staff and the nursery environment that I signed up on the first day”
– Miss LP, Gatley

“My daughter loves the nursery I am pleased to say although shy at first she was very excited by the nursery and actually asked could we return before we had driven away”
– Mr DJ, Cheadle Hulme

“My little boy loved his visit to the nursery, all the staff and children we met seem lovely he cant wait to start and join in all the exciting things you have to offer”
– Mrs SH, Cheadle

“We loved the space and homely atmosphere of the nursery, the garden is beautiful and has so much space for my little boy to play and explore”
– Mrs JP, Cheadle

“This is the best nursery we have seen, the building is lovely but it is Helen the nursery manager and the other staff that made me choose Nursery Rhymes for my baby”
– Miss AP, Cheadle

EYFS Parents' Guide

Download our Parents Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which is a useful guide to use during your child's early years