Our nurseries

At Nursery Rhymes we care for babies & young children from 12 weeks to 5 years old in beautiful engaging environments where children have opportunities to play, learn & explore supported by our caring & skilled team.


Our rooms are designed to meet the very unique needs of babies, with soft flooring & furnishings with a variety of resources for this age group. Babies are supported to start to make sense of the world around them, exploring their senses through play & investigation. We have a dedicated sleeping area & dedicated area in the garden. The team will work closely with you to understand your baby & ensure a smooth transition to nursery. We encourage a gentle transition to nursery with settles arranged at a pace that meets your babies needs.

2-3 years

Here children start to develop friendships & sharing ideas through play & exploration. Imagination is in abundance with children starting to delight in role play, creative work & physical development. Children have access to the gardens to develop their physical skills & explore the outdoors. Singing & storytelling are a must & always a highlight of the day.

3-5 years

Children start to refine their skills, using a variety of resources & joining in daily adventures via story telling, role play & continue to develop their understanding of the world. Children show they are able to explore materials & the outdoors & share the experience with friends. School readiness is part of the journey as the skilled practitioners prepare children for their next step.

Rooms are designed to meet the age groups reflected in the nursery to maximise learning, so the exact age groups may change in response to this.

In addition to our daily care we provide some sessional activities to help your baby & child develop their skills, knowledge & experiences, these may vary throughout the year but can include:

  • Languages
  • Music & Movement
  • Physical Development
  • Baby Sign
  • Musical Instruments